Cooper Kupp was the MVP of the Superbowl.  This year he had a phenomenal season for the Rams.  Whoever would have thought...he's a Bills fan...

When we see players represent a team, we often forget that before they played for those teams, they were fans of the game first.  Long before they had contracts to play, they just loved to watch other players.  So it's kind of cool to see when we find out where their true love is.

When it comes to Cooper Kupp, he used to be a Bills fan.

Yup, that's Superbowl MVP Cooper Kupp sporting the Buffalo Bills hat there.  The picture was taken back in 2015.  Now, granted, that picture is pretty old.  It was taken when he was still in college at Eastern Washington University.

It's interesting that he's a west coast guy and still loved The Bills.  Kupp is from Yakima, Washington.  He played football in college at Eastern Washington University and was still showing support to the Bills in a year when they were still going through a major drought.  Allen wasn't even a thought in Buffalo yet.  We were still struggling at the quarterback position with Tyrod Taylor, E.J. Manuel and (at least for a short moment in time) Matt Cassel.

Now, before Bills fans get too far along in their excitement...Allen wasn't always a Bills fan either.  Prepare yourself...this might hurt a bit...

As much as we hate to see it, Allen knows a good quarterback when he sees one. He grew up a Niners fan but has always admitted that he was also a fan of Tom Brady's.


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