Even on the coldest days, visitors come near and far to enjoy the beauty of the frozen Niagara Falls. With so many people visiting year round, could the Falls be the new location of a "World Weather Center"...

According to WKBW, a new idea has been presented to create a "World Weather Center" attraction across from the Niagara Falls State Park entrance in the former One Niagara Building.

John Simon, the former Niagara County Industrial Development director is pushing the idea stating it would cost roughly 138 million to build, but would create a large number of jobs. The new center would feature weather-related exhibits with unique sensory experiences.

The idea has been pitched to the Niagara Falls City Council as well as the Niagara River Greenway Commission. Simon also told reporters that different colleges and universities have also expressed interest in collaborating with the organizers. \

I think this could be a home run, and a great start to making the Falls an even bigger destination, in turn bringing more and more people to WNY to support our local economy.

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