There's no shortage of advice on how to reduce stress in these global pandemic times. From meditation apps, mindfulness exercises, to telemedicine mental health services -- there's a lot of options to try.

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But can listening to a particular frequency have an effect?

Some say, yes.

The "love frequency," is identified as sound at 528 Hz. It's part of a set of frequencies used by Gregorian monks, and heralded for their healing properties.

A 2013 study by Brazilian biochemists supports the findings that sounds do have an impact on our physical bodies and found there "are physical differences in fluid pressure induced by the sound waves" in our cells.

The study finds "music can directly interfere with hormone binding to their targets, suggesting that music or audible sounds could modulate physiological and pathophysiological processes."

Meaning, music does physically impact humans.

But can a particular frequency elicit particular emotions? The science may be foggy on that exact premise, but if you're feeling stressed, why not try it?

So I did.

I sent this video around to a few friends who had the same positive experience I did.

I felt calmer almost immediately, and the persistent neck pain I'd had for six days melted away ( came back after about an hour after listening).

Give it a shot, we could all use whatever it takes to feel less stressed these days.


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