With just 7 days left before the Buffalo Bills start the regular season, we could have highlighted multiple quarterbacks.  But today we highlight Doug Flutie.

Seven is a very popular number with Buffalo Bills quarterbacks of the past.  Aside from our current quarterback, Josh Allen, who has a 7 in his number, there have been 5 quarterbacks that have worn that number.  They include Bruce Mathison, Gale Gilbert, JP Losman, Tarvaris Jackson, and the guy we are going to highlight today...Mr. Magic Man - Doug Flutie.

Yup...the guy they named the flakes after.

Bills fans had just sat through a year of Todd Collins at the helm when Flutie came to Buffalo.  In 1997, the Bills went 6-10 and it was devastating.  After being on such a high for years watching the Bills go to back-to-back Super Bowls, to have such an awful record felt horrible.

So when Flutie came along and we saw a winning record again it breathed new air into Bills fans.  They were 10-6 in 1998 and people were starting to feel good.  Then came one of the most controversial calls in Buffalo Bills' history.

In 1999 Flutie led the Bills to a 10-5 record which was enough to get them into the playoffs.  Wade Phillips was the head coach at the time and he thought that Buffalo's other quarterback Rob Johnson gave the Bills the better chance to win against the Tennessee Titans.  So Flutie watched from the bench as Johnson completed only 10 passes and got sacked 6 times in what has become known as the "Music City Miracle."  The Bills lost that one 22-16 and it was the last time the Bills saw the playoffs for 17 years until Josh Allen came to town.

Flutie went on to play for the San Diego Chargers and the New England Patriots after leaving the Bills and now is a commentator for NBC.  You'll hear him call games for Notre Dame amongst others.

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