Back in 1998, I was just a little kid...but it's funny how you hear a song and you immediately remember it when it was out on the chart and radio.

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"Everything's Changed" by Lonestar is one of those songs. You might not remember it by the title, but if you listened to 90's country, I'm sure by the chorus your memory will be jogged.

The song was the fourth and final single off Lonestar's second album, Crazy Nights. Released in June of 1998, it reached number two on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart in October. It did, however, reach number one on the Radio & Records country chart.

The song was the first radio single to not include John Rich, who had just left the band. Rich later went on to a solo career for a short time, then formed Big & Rich officially with Big Kenny in 2003.

You might notice that lead singer Richie McDonald and keyboardist Sam Deans are wearing cowboys hats. It would be the final single they would release to feature any member of the band wearing cowboy hats. "Amazed", which was a huge crossover hit, was released the following year.

Lonestar's biggest success came from 1999 to the mid-2000's, where they notched seven number one singles and 14 top 10 hits.

"Everything's Changed" is about heartbreak/love lost and a town changing from what it once was. It's something we all can relate to on some level.

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