You may not have to have swab put in your nose for your COVID-19 test at colleges in New York.

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According to reports, the FDA has given the thumbs up to a test that is done orally.

The approved tests allow individuals to self administer the collection of a sample by swabbing their mouths, rather than the swab being inserted in a person's nose.

The fall is here and schools are back in session. Here in Western New York, the infection rate has been drooping this week and hovering around 1%. The biggest worry has been large gathering like the parties that have been happening near and on college campuses. A mouth swab test would be a faster and easier way for students and staff to get tested for the virus.

This is also a game changer for those who are afraid of the pain or discomfort of the swab in the nose. The test is administered by gathering a saliva sample from a person's mouth instead of putting a swab up their nose.

Outside of colleges, many parents are talking about fall sports and back to school in the Western New York area. Our oldest son has started Pre-K twice a week and so far, has not had any issues with wearing the mask or keeping a good routine of washing hands.

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