If you attended a wedding recently, there is a chance you came in to contact with a person who has tested positive for COVID-19.

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According to the reports, the ceremony happened October 17th on Acton Road in Bergen, Town of Clarendon which is in Orleans County. While the people who attended the wedding have already been contacted about potentially being exposed to the virus, there were individuals at the event who weren't on the original guest list.

The pandemic continues and as we head in to the holidays and this weekend's Halloween festivities, there is added concern. Just about every town in Western New York has issued a policy on trick-or-treating or has all together canceled it.

We attended a wedding over a month ago. It went very well and was a scaled back version of what the bride had originally planned for. The guest list had to be cut from 250 to 50 people. That could not have been easy for any bride to do.

As for our Halloween? Our kids are pretty young. We plan on just visiting some friends and staying close to home. The weather looks great for a back yard fire and some beers and that sounds perfect no mater what season!

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