One menu items at McDonald's I just can't resist is the Filet-O-Fish.  During each Lenten season it's a pretty good bet I'll be stopping at McDonald's more than once, but my recent visit to the McDonald's on Sheridan Drive at Sweet Home in Amherst was a learning experience.  It's the first time I saw one of McDonald's new self-ordering kiosks.

The manager of that McDonald's location told me it's the only one in this area that has one, but more are coming.  And with minimum wages on the way up, I'm sure we'll be seeing more of them.  McDonald's corporate spokespeople deny the kiosks are labor replacements, but instead are a way to put employees to better use.

I often just use the drive-thru lane at McDonald's, but this time I went in the store and I was given an introduction to the new machine and how to use it.  For anybody who knows exactly what they want, it's a breeze.  And even if you don't they've made it simple enough so that all your questions about any item on the menu are answered.

This is how my introduction to the new McDonald's self-ordering kiosk went.


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