Damar Hamlin changed the world in a single night. After the January 2nd Monday night football game between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Buffalo Bills, Hamlin’s life was forever changed, and it led to many people wanting to know more about him, his life, and how he is doing. 

That life-changing moment for Damar Hamlin occurred early in the year, and his journey to worldwide recognition was rapid and fast-growing throughout the year, unlike any other athlete or superstar has ever experienced. 

During the first quarter of the January 2nd game against the Cincinnati Bengals, the Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field following a tackle. He suffered cardiac arrest and required medical treatment and CPR on the field before being transported to a nearby hospital. 

From there, Hamlin was sedated for a few days until he woke up on January 5th with his first question: “Did we win?”

If THAT doesn’t show you the mentality of Damar, I don’t know what does. 

In the meantime, the entire world saw what happened on the football field that night, and they did something about it. I mean, how often does the ENTIRE WORLD band together for a good cause?

People from all over the world and in different countries found Damar Hamlin’s GoFundMe, initially established when he was in college to benefit The Chasing M’s Foundation Community Toy Drive. Together, the world raised over $9 million!  

After waking up from the sedation, Damar Hamlin took everyday in stride, treating the present as it really is: a gift. By doing so, he taught others the same. 

Many people began taking CPR classes around the world, hoping to prevent a cardiac arrest in their home – “since 70% of sudden cardiac arrest happens at home, that means the life you save will likely be a loved one,” according to Excelsior Management. 

Since January 2nd, murals have gone up in honor of Damar Hamlin, more people have learned CPR, he has supported the Access to AEDs Act in Washington DC to protect kids against sudden cardiac arrest, visited with President Biden in the Oval Office (and brought some jerseys with him), presented an ESPY award to the training staff/care team that saved his life, and he was named the GQ Man Of The Year – just to name a few. 

Google Recognizes Damar Hamlin Popularity

So it makes sense why Damar Hamlin was named Google’s Most Trending Person on search for 2023, which means he was the most Googled celebrity of the year. 

Behind him on that list were the following celebrities:

  1. Actor Jeremy Renner (known for his role as Hawkeye)
  2. Travis Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs Tight End
  3. Tucker Carlson
  4. Lil Tay
  5. Andrew Tate
  6. Carlee Russell
  7. Jamie Foxx
  8. Danny Masterson
  9. Matt Rife

Many people thought that Damar Hamlin would be one of the nominees for TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year for 2023, but it’s nice to see his popularity recognized in the Google trends. 

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