Buffalo Bills fans are now just thinking about trying to make the playoffs, let alone winning the AFC East.

The Bills lost again last night. The Cincinnati Bengals won their game over the Bills by a score of 24-18. The Sunday Night Football defeat now drops the Bills to 5-4 and out of a playoff spot, as it stands today.

The Bills could be leaped by the New York Jets if the Jets are able to beat the Los Angeles Chargers on Monday night.

The Bills game at Paycor Stadium last night was the first since the now famously cancelled January 2nd matchup between the Bills and Bengals last season.

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The Bengals were winning 7-3 in the first quarter when Bills safety Damar Hamlin tackled Bengals wide receiver Tee Higgins at midfield for what looked like a routine tackle. Hamlin got up and then collapsed, after suffering cardiac arrest. The reason was later confirmed to be commotio cordis, which is extremely rare instance where the heartbeat stops in an instance after a violent blow directly at the heart (in a critical part of the heart's rhythm.

Hamlin's heartbeat had to be restored on the field by the Bills medical and training staff, saving his life. Hamlin was transported to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and was there for one week, before being discharged and spent a short time at Buffalo General before being allowed to return home.

The story captured the attention of the sports and non-sports news cycle. Hamlin's survival was notable, since most that suffer commotio cordis do not survive cardiac arrest, because of lack of immediate care.

Hamlin resumed his football career this summer and although he was inactive last nights vs. the Bengals, Hamlin was present and announced 10, $1,000 scholarships for under-privlaged youths in the Cincinnati area.

After the game and everyone was out of the stadium, Hamlin decided to go back to where his cardiac arrest took place. He spent alone time there.

The outcome of the games are not important. Hamlin able to continue his life and career is.

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