Damar Hamlin offended some people and is now apologizing for it on social media. Some people were completely offended and quite a few comments BASHING the Buffalo Bills' safety. Now, Hamlin says he 'understands' how that could have offended some people.

CONTEXT: Damar Hamlin was invited to the Super Bowl in Arizona last week between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles. He wore a varsity jacket and on the back there was a picture of Jesus on the cross and the word ETERNAL above it. It also references a bible verse that says: "Without end of beginning there is no day and no night".

OUTCOME: People were outraged on social media. You can see some of the posts below.

Damar Hamlin survives a heart attack. Thousands prayed for him. He survives it and goes to the Superbowl wearing a jacket mocking Jesus. How stupid can someone be to mock the one who gave Him a second chance?

Damar has since apologized as well. You can see this below.

Damar Hamlin also sat down with Good Morning America earlier this week and some people thought that the interview was a bit....odd. Hamlin seemed very hesitant to answer some questions and in fact, said he didn't feel 'comfortable' with some of the questions. Though, the questions seemed fair, and honestly,...kind of....simple? Questions that you would have thought to be asked about the incident that happened on the field between the Cincinnati Bengals and Buffalo Bills--after all--isn't that what the interview was about?

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Disclaimer: If you’re a Buffalo Bills fan and feeling slightly annoyed today, you’re about to fly off the handle.

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