The support for Damar Hamlin has poured in from all over the world, but it is, without a doubt, most evident in our Buffalo community. 

Driving through Western New York, you may have noticed some changes. As the community processes what they saw on television Monday night and support our safety, people have been decorating their houses in blue and red lights to stand with Damar. 

Plenty of businesses are decked out in blue and red, including apartment buildings in Buffalo. There have been several homes that have paid tribute to Damar Hamlin during this challenging time. 

However there is one home that has paid tribute to Hamlin by reprogramming their projector to display his picture on the side of their house. 

Many people are calling it “The Damar Hamlin Tribute House.” You can see a picture of it below. 

The Karas family talked to Hope Rises about how they chose to decorate their home for Hamlin. 

You can find the house in the Stony Brook neighborhood in Lancaster, NY.

Landmarks have also joined in lighting up in the red and blue, including Niagara Falls, the big Ferris wheel at Myrtle Beach, and the entire city of Cincinnati. 

It’s heartwarming to see how one person brought the whole world together to stand with him. 

We love you, #3. 

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