Raise your hand if you are ready for spring! The winter is officially starting and the storm of storms is about to enter the Great Lakes and hammer us with what will be a major winter event.

Is there too much hype? There are some who say that is the case. But the forecast is calling for a historic "bomb cyclone" that will cover the United States from Chicago to Buffalo and the temperatures and barometric pressure will drop like a rock.

What does that mean for those who live along a Great Lake? It isn't a good thing. There are some reports that indicate that some of the waves will be as high as 20 feet! Yes, there are break walls but this is the type of storm that we see once in a generation and the water levels and waves will have no problem exceeding the height and protection of those walls.

This storm couldn't come at a worse time. The roads and skies are expected to be filled with Holiday travelers. If that is you, try to get a jump start on the trip. If you live in a flood prone area or near the lake shore, be ready for some major waves and winds and STAY SAFE!

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