Sometimes even the smallest buildings carry some great memories and it's sad when they're gone.

Today while scrolling on social media, I saw that a building that stood for years on route 5 in Derby was being torn down.  It was a building that many people went by for years.

What building was torn down?

If you've ever driven down Route 5 in Derby, you've probably passed by this building that sat on the right side of the road as you drove towards Dunkirk.  It held Dave's Bait shop and Fringe Hair Salon and sat just across the street from the Highland Hose Fire Department.

It was demolished yesterday.

(Photo courtesy of Bob Trask)
(Photo courtesy of Bob Trask)

It seemed like it was always there.

This bait shop seemed like it was always there.  Anytime you drove down this road you'd see it with its bright yellow sign right out to the road. You can read so many positive reviews from people who said they used to visit Dave's in the 1970's for bait and tackle.  It wasn't far from the Sturgeon Point access and marina and it was positioned near 18 mile creek.  It was in a perfect spot.

When I used to live in North Evans, I'd stop over to get advice from Dave on what to use when certain fish were in season.  I remember one instance in particular where I was asking if he had something for bass fishing.  He didn't have it but promised to order me some.

Why was Dave's Bait Shop torn down?

According to the comments on the post, the building was condemned shortly after the blizzard of '22.  It was one of many buildings that have been torn down in the past couple of years due to a storm. Braymiller's Lanes in Hamburg is another one.


It's always sad to lose small businesses like Dave's.

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