This was definitely not on our 2023 Bingo card.

A deer broke into an elementary school outside of New York City last week, and body camera footage of the incident has recently been released. 

It was not a situation you thought you’d be dealing with after the Thanksgiving holiday, but for a group of police officers in New Jersey, chasing a deer through the halls of a school became a reality. 

How Did The Deer Break In?

According to a report from a nearby dog walker, he witnessed the deer break through the window and run into Cedar Grove Elementary School in Toms River, NJ. The police were called around 10 PM on Nov. 24.

Police Response To The Deer

Once the police arrived on scene, they found the deer at the base of the stairwell, according to NBC Philadelphia. However, it took off running down the hallway and clattered its way into a classroom. 

Now, you have to remember: school floors are slick, especially for a deer who is running up and down hallways. 

The deer jumped into a bookshelf during the chaotic chase, causing quite the mess. 

You can see the body camera footage below. 

I’m still in shock that the deer was able to tightrope across the chalk holder like that.

Eventually, though – the police officers were able to get the deer out of the school. 

How Did The Police Get The Deer Out?

According to NBC News, the police used a dog snare to guide the deer (the officers later named him Rudolph) to a rear door so it could exit the school.

Once outside, the deer took off into the night. 

Oh, sorry…what I meant to say was that he had to “run run” into the night. 

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