A delivery scam is putting Western New York drivers in jeopardy, and they are trying to spread the word so nobody else has the same experience. 

A food delivery driver in Western New York is warning people on Reddit about a developing scam in the area that could lead to drivers losing their jobs in the long run. 

Here’s what he said: 

“I am a food delivery driver for one of the apps. If you get a delivery to the address "11 Berryman Drive" (which doesn't exist) in Amherst off of Main street, you will get scammed.

I was notified HOURS later that these customers (happened twice under two different names in a week), did not receive their food, putting my livelihood in jeopardy. In both instances, they put instructions as "hand to me", thinking that not putting a picture proves I didn't deliver. But the gig app proved in fact I went to the address provided via GPS both times.

They came walking from Main Street onto Berryman Drive to retrieve their order both times. All they do is make fresh accounts and do the same thing over and over again.

Just be careful out there if delivering food is your livelihood.”

A warning to all food delivery drivers in Buffalo
by u/CapitalFox460 in Buffalo

It looks like this has been a recurring problem over the years, where people register new accounts and have it delivered to the nonexistent address.

The driver who reported the scam wrote that the scammers use fresh accounts after 1 or 2 comped deliveries. 

If you are a delivery driver, be aware of any suspicious accounts using that specific address. 

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