Being a Western New Yorker goes beyond the City Of Buffalo, and that’s why many of us seem to know where everything is in every neighboring town, village, or hamlet. 

Whether it’s Lancaster, Orchard Park, Eden, West Seneca, or Hamburg, odds are a true Western New Yorker born and raised will know what you will find where. 

That’s why many drivers found it to be a bit odd when they drove through Depew on Monday. 

I mean, how often do you see a school listed “FOR SALE?”

Linda Szymusiak Becker used to attend Depew High School, and when she saw the sign, she searched for answers in the Lancaster/Depew Neighbors Helping Neighbors Facebook group. 

“Why does the Depew High School have a big sign out front advertising ‘School for Sale’ with how many rooms there are, a pool, and a big eating area??”

After a second glance, everyone figured out it was a senior prank, especially because the listing was signed by the “Class of 23 Realtors.” 

So many people missed the bottom line of the sign because they were flabbergasted that the school was on the market to begin with. 

The post garnered over a hundred comments with many people validating the prank as “clever” and “hilarious.” 

The prank was pretty mild in comparison to other pranks that have walked the line of going too far, and it’s something that the administration probably had a good laugh about when they pulled into the school parking lot on Monday. 

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