A woman from Depew had some super bad luck last weekend.

According to WKBW, Marcia Bukowski from Depew was mailing out several Christmas cards at a mail collection box when she accidentally dropped an envelope that contained $800 cash in the collection box.

The money was going to be for her mortgage and times have been tough for her this year, losing income from the pandemic.

"It has been a rough haul," said Bukowski.

Bukowski left a note in the box asking for help. She couldn't get a hold of everyone since it was the weekend so as a last resort, she waited by the mailbox in the morning but nobody came to pick up the mail.

This happened at the Tops on Transit near Genesee.

After contacting a USPS worker, she was told it would likely be sent to the processing plant on William Street where non-deliverable items would be sifted through. Unfortunately, it would likely be some time until her envelope was found since they're overwhelmed with the holidays and pandemic.

"They have three thousand non-mail related items that they have to go through," Bukowski was told by the supervisor.


"I just have to hope that someone out there is honest enough, like me, that they'll be able to get that money back to me, said Bukowski."

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If anyone has made an honest mistake such as Bukowski, they are asked to contact the U.S. Postal Service Consumer Affairs at 716-842-4738.

Hopefully, this woman can get that money returned to her. Times are tough and the timing of the holidays doesn't make it any easier.

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