The next time you hear a loud boom, there is something else to consider that may have happened.

As if we don't have enough to worry about these days. An international pandemic, the cold and snowy weather in May and now we have to think about the possibility of exploding meteors??

Apparently it's a thing! According to ABC in Columbus, and a video that was posted to YouTube, a meteor did in fact explode!

Witnesses said the noise caused homes in the area to shake.  The bright object, which was streaking across the sky, was described as a fireball by the society.

The year I graduated high school, there was an incredible meteor shower that occurred the night before our ceremony i East Aurora. I remember the colors in the sky and the way the meteors glistened as they seemed to streak across the dark night. We were watching as a group from a hill just outside of town. It was surreal. But I think we would have all freaked out if one of those had exploded!!

Looks like our weather may improve soon. The best part is that the warm air will return and if you are scheduled to graduate high school soon, this year will also be one that you can't forget!

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