A recent meme on Facebook is causing a stir among many people who grew up in Buffalo.

I saw this on Facebook this week and was instantly flashed back to when my parents threaten me to drop me off at Father Bakers if I didn't start behaving!

Well...it looks like the tide has turned!


But did you know that Father Baker was almost named a Saint! Yes...it is true. Check out his story.

In 2011, Pope Benedict XVI named Father Baker "Venerable Nelson Baker" the first of three stages to becoming a Saint

His remains where moved to inside the basilica from nearby Holy Cross Cemetery. Visitors can stop in and pray next to his coffin.

The Father Baker Guild was founded in 1988,  as a way to organize efforts and to promote the Cause of Sainthood for Father Baker. The journey leading to canonization is long and costly, and the Guild provides the prayer and financial support needed along the way.

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