Voted one of the best diners in Western New York, you may be confused the next time you go there for a mimosa and omelet because it may not be there anymore.

At first, you will be sad – sure. After all, it is one of the best breakfast places around Buffalo. 

But it’s all okay because they’re just moving locations

What Restaurant Is Moving?

Sophia’s Restaurant is located in Buffalo, New York on Military Rd, and they’re not planning to move too far. 

What Is Sophia’s Restaurant?

Sophia’s Restaurant is a family restaurant, started by Sophia Ananiadias and passed off to her son Sam. Together they've been cranking out Greek specials and American classics all by hand. Guy was amazed by the fresh-baked bread used for the fried bologna sandwich stacked a mile high with hot mustard and onions.

Of course, how can you forget their breakfast items like an open-faced Steak Sandwich, Souvlaki, Bologna Sandwich

Recognized By Guy Fieri’s Show On Food Network

As seen on “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives,” Sophia’s Restaurant was a favorite of Guy Fieri. Many people around Western New York have called it the “best breakfast in Buffalo,” and it’s definitely one of the top places to eat!  

Where Is Sophia’s Moving?

The new address for Sophia’s Restaurant will be 715 Military Rd, 1 Block South. If you thought to yourself, “Weren’t they on Military Rd?” The answer is yes! So it’s not too much farther of a ride for you, just down the road; however, if you didn’t know about the change, you may have thought that Sophia’s had closed…but they’re staying open for business!  

It’s unclear what date the new location will open, but it will be able to hold about four times as many diners! 

Sam Doherty, son of Sophia’s founder, made it a goal to help accommodate people unhappy with the long wait times at the original Sophia’s Restaurant. 

Stay tuned to find out when that big grand opening is! 

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