What discounts can you get if you are a Buffalo Bills fan?

When the Buffalo Bills win in 2021 there are a few places in Western New York that will give you free or discounted items when they win.

Discounts Buffalo Fans Get When The Bills Win

Yesterday, the Buffalo Bills defeated the Miami Dolphins 26 2 11 at Highmark Stadium, for the 7th consecutive win over the Dolphins. The first half of the game was a bit shaky for the Buffalo Bills offense who only put up 3 points, but the Bills defense kept the Dolphins to only 3 points as well.

During the game on Sunday there were a handful of different celebrities that were at the game that included Christopher McDonald or, better known as Shooter Mcgavin from Happy Gilmore, William Fichtner, and Buffalo Bills former running back, OJ Simpson.

OJ was seen all over Western New York this weekend. He stayed in downtown Buffalo, and had no problem taking pictures with any and all fans who came up to him. There were two big lines that formed when seeing OJ. One was outside of the 'famous' Big Tree Inn, by 1 Bills Drive and the other one was actually during the game. Simpson sat in a suite just above the top of the 100 levels and the window was open and you could see fans rushing and lining up to get a picture with him as the game started.

If you missed it this morning during Clay and Company, Kadie Daye told us a story that her great-aunt was once romantically linked to OJ Simpson and that they dated while he was 'in between' being married.

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