Everyone in the Bills Mafia world knows the Bills "Shout" song, but did you know the Bills sort of had a Super Bowl song way back in 1980?

The song was recorded by former Bills linebacker Isiah Robertson in front of his locker after a big win that year.

Unfortunately, the Bills didn't make the Super Bowl that year, but they did have a good year. They ended up going 11-5 that year and won the AFC Eastern Division. They would go one to lose to the San Diego Chargers 20-14 in the playoffs.

Robertson played for the Bills from 1979 until 1982. He retired from the NFL in 1983.

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Of course, the one song that every Bills fan knows is the "Shout" song. I have a feeling that the Bills will be going to the Super Bowl this year and you will be hearing the "Shout" song A LOT this weekend! Go Bills.


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