With news that Toys R Us might be returning to Western New York, there is one toy store a lot of us would love to see return as well.

Do you remember Child World? The one that I used to go to was on Transit road right near the Eastern Hills Mall. As a kid growing up in the 80's it was a magical place for me.

We had a special tradition at Child World. For Christmas, my parents would take me and my two brothers to Child World and let us fill up an entire cart will all the toys we wanted that year. Then my dad would take us out to the car and my mom would select one toy from each of our carts for Christmas.

I remember feeling like a king on that day. Walking with my mom and just pointing at all the toys and telling her to put that one or that one into the cart.

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The best part for me as a kid was knowing that I was going to get at least one toy that I really wanted that year for Christmas.

Now as an adult, I look back and the best part is the memory of spending quality time with my mom just walking and talking and being excited to see all the toys that Child World had to offer.

Of course, I think my mom loved the idea of her sons spending an entire Saturday afternoon with her without complaining or crying, or beating on each other! We all were too excited about the Toy at Child World!

While it would be nice for Child World to come back, I am glad I still have those amazing memories 30+ years later.

Check out an old TV ad from Child World.


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