With officials in Erie County saying that is it only a matter of time before the Coronavirus comes to Western New York, lots of people are saying that Lysol can kill the virus.

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On the package of Lysol, it states that it can be used to kill Coronavirus germ cells.

Photo Credit: Dave Fields TSM/2020

Photo Credit: Dave Fields TSM/2020

But with any virus, it is always evolving and the current strain infecting people cannot be killed by using Lysol according to Factcheck.org.

The 229E strain is a common human coronavirus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explains, that usually causes “mild to moderate upper-respiratory tract illnesses, like the common cold.” It is not the same as the coronavirus responsible for the current outbreak that began in Wuhan. In fact, it’s in an entirely different genus of coronaviruses.


If you feel that you have been infected or came in contact with someone infected with Coronavirus, contact your doctor immediately.
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