It breaks my heart to see animals mistreated or abandoned, especially if that dog is abandoned in the streets at night.

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According to the West Seneca Police Department, a dog was randomly abandoned by an unknown vehicle on Brookside Avenue (near the border of South Buffalo and West Seneca).

Police say they're unsure if the dog was stolen or had some really bad owners. A witness observed a car let the dog out, and then speed off.

The dog will remain at their animal shelter and may need a new home. If you know anything about this dog's abandonment, you're asked to call 716-674-2280.

I understand that sometimes people, for whatever reason, can no longer care for an animal, but abandoning a dog or cat is probably the worst thing anyone can ever do to an animal. I can't even begin to imagine how scared this dog must have been.

I live fairly close to where the dog was abandoned and it's a dark area with every corner looking the same.

Hopefully, the dog can find a new home or if stolen, locate the previous owners.

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