Children of the 80's are going to love this new display that is coming to Rochester, NY.  It's the world's largest, playable, Donkey Kong arcade game.

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Remember when you were a kid and you could play video games for hours on end (as long as you had enough quarters to load into the machine)?  Well, the Strong National Museum of Play is offering you the chance to go back in time a bit, and they're going to actually make it larger than life.

What is Donkey Kong?

Donkey Kong is a game that was huge in the 80's.  In the game, the player would control a guy named Mario (yup...the same Mario as the one in Super Mario Brothers) as he tried to climb levels to get past a gorilla named Donkey Kong to save a princess named Pauline.  All of this is happening as Donkey Kong hurled barrels at Mario to stop him from reaching the top.

The game was huge and ended up not only having multiple sequel games, but also a spinoff, a cartoon, and more.

The World's Largest Playable Donkey Kong Machine

Now, you're going to have the chance to play that game that you remember from your childhood, only it will be larger than life.  The World's Lagest Playable Donkey Kong Machine is coming to the Strong National Museum Of Play.  It's part of their June 30th expansion.  They're expanding by nearly 90,000 feet.

It will be nearly 20 feet tall and you will actually be able to play it!

Keep an eye for it outside the ESL Digital Worlds gallery on the second floor.

The game will be about 370% bigger than the original and constructed from an aluminum frame with MDF fiberboard. Players will stand at a pedestal beneath the towering screen and use a regular-sized control panel that replicates the original joystick and buttons. It will run on a motherboard from an original Donkey Kong cabinet, mirroring the original gameplay and experience as closely as possible. - Statement from the Strong National Museum of Play

Donkey Kong joined the Strong National Museum Video Game Hall Of Fame in 2017.

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