Bills fans think the Buffalo Bills are pretty good this year.  What does their quarterback think of them?  Watch as he predicts what Madden will think of them.

What is a "Madden Rating?"

If you're not a regular video gamer you might not play Madden often.  You might be wondering what a Madden Rating even is.  First of all, Madden is a series of video games that is based around NFL players.  In the game, each player is rated on their skills.  They get rated on things like speed, size, and strength and from those ratings, will get an overall number that will represent how good a player is in the game.

Madden Ratings are important to the players

Over the last couple years, players have been upset with how they've been "disrespected" by the game if they get a low rating.  Just last year, former Buffalo Bill Isaiah McKenzie and current Buffalo Bill Stefon Diggs went over some of the ratings that they thought should exist in the game.  You can see that by clicking here.

Josh Allen predicts the 2023 Madden ratings of his teammates

Recently, at the unveiling of the new Madden '24 cover, Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen was asked what he thought his ratings would be, and then they followed up with what he thought the ratings would be of some of the other players on his team.

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It's easy to read too much into these kinds of things.  Let's be honest, he was given names and asked to shout out a number.

However, did any of those numbers stand out to you? Do Madden ratings really reflect how good or bad a player actually is?

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