Madden football games are arguably the most popular video games of all time.  A month ago, the newest version, Madden 23 came out.  So how popular is it in New York?

The game has been around for years, but is updated with new features and new players every year as the league changes. It's described as "an immersive, simulation-based, authentic NFL interactive experience, empowering fans to play out their NFL fantasy of winning the Super Bowl"  It was originally endorsed by late football coach and NFL commentator John Madden. Each player is given a "Madden rating" and lately the players take it personally.  You may have seen some of the videos of them disagreeing with the ratings that they get.

There was a time when you could tell how popular something was by how often people talked about it.  If they were talking about something at the water cooler at work, or in the halls at school, it was normally big.  Now, they have new ways of finding out what people are interested in.

They check Google searches.

You can actually find out what people are talking about by checking the things they're searching for on search engines like Google.  That's what the online gaming site did to find out how popular games like Madden 23 really are, they checked google searches.

When a new Madden game comes out, people talk about it.  So who was talking about it the most?  Here's the top 10 states and how often they searched "Madden 23" and “Madden 23 release date” over the past 12 months

  1. Louisiana
  2. Delaware
  3. Alabama
  4. Ohio
  5. Mississippi
  6. Maryland
  7. West Virginia
  8. North Dakota
  9. Wisconsin
  10. Iowa

Notice that New York isn't in there...and they didn't come in even close to the top.  Where did New York fall?  They were 48th on the list!  We know there's only one NFL team in New York, so evidently, Bills Mafia doesn't care much about Madden 23.  Maybe they just care about watching real football?

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