We know he hasn’t had the best season, but did they need to take it this far?

When Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen was announced as the new face of EA’s Madden video game franchise earlier this year, both Bills fans and haters went nuts. Landing the Madden ‘24 cover seemed to solidify Josh Allen’s status as one of the top players in the NFL, and it looked like the Bills were finally getting the credibility they deserved. 

Of course, concerns about the “Madden Curse” quickly started to swirl (the long-standing superstition that NFL stars who appear on the cover immediately have a terrible season), and at first, Bills Mafia brushed them off. But after Allen and the team started looking less and less like the dominant force they were in prior seasons, it didn’t take long to convince fans that the “Madden Curse” was real. 

Recently, Internet sleuths have discovered an interesting development regarding Madden ‘24 that made Bills fans raise the question: 

Do we have proof that the brains behind the Madden video game believe in their own curse?

Josh Allen Is Now Missing From Madden ‘24 Cover

Eagle-eyed fans noticed something pretty shady on the websites where Madden ‘24 is available to purchase via download. 

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On the popular gaming site Steam, this is the current landing page for the latest edition of Madden. 

Madden 24 - Steam

Instead of Josh Allen, you’re greeted by a video and image of Michael Vick instead. Hmm.

If you think that’s just a fluke, take a look at the Madden ‘24 page on the Xbox Cloud site…

Madden 24 - Xbox

Yup. Allen was ditched for Vick there as well. 

You could argue that Allen wasn’t actually taken off of the Madden ‘24 cover, as his image still remains on the copies of the game sold at retailers. But considering that these days most gamers download or stream their games online rather than buy a hard copy in the store, we can absolutely take this as a slight against Josh. 

Even though it’s unfair that Josh Allen seems to be yanked from the digital cover of Madden, we’re not going to lose our minds over it. 

Buffalo Bills fans know that this team has been through it all, and if anything has cursed the team, it certainly wasn’t a video game cover. 

Keep in mind that with the win over the Chiefs last weekend, there’s still a glimmer of hope that the Bills can turn it around. If they manage a win against Dallas on Sunday, this season will once again become a wide-open opportunity to reverse both the “Madden Curse” and our own.

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