Josh Allen has been announced as the player that will be on the cover of this year's Madden video game.  But these covers are for the Mafia.

By now, you've heard that Josh Allen will be the athlete that gets to be on the cover of the newest edition of the popular football video game, Madden '24.  But a former player and a thorn in the side of Bills fans everywhere showed the Bills fanbase a little love over the weekend by tweeting out some alternate covers.

Who is Julian Edelman?

Bills fans probably remember the name Julian Edelman.  He was one of the Bills' toughest opponents.  He played for the New England Patriots and was one of Tom Brady's favorite targets.

Bills Mafia is also on the cover of Madden '24

Josh Allen is easily the spotlight player on the cover of Madden, but for the deluxe edition, they added something in that has never been on another cover.  Every year they highlight a player (or two in the case of Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady) to be on the cover of the game.  But for the first time ever, there is a fan base represented on the cover also.

Josh says that they were at a Bills Backers bar in Los Angeles.  He says they came in for that shoot not knowing that they would be on the cover of Madden.  He adds that it's something that is long overdue and he was happy to be able to share it with them.

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Julian Edelman gives Bills fans props

Over the weekend, the former New England Patriot showed a little love to Bills Mafia by tweeting out what he thought some alternate covers could look like for the upcoming game.  They included pictures of broken tables, Pinto Ron with mustard and ketchup all over his face, and fans jumping through those tables.


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