Drew Bledsoe completely screwed it up! He didn't know the Buffalo Bills Shout Song. It was so bad, that the Buffalo Bills edited the video when they posted it.

The former Buffalo Bills quarterback sounded like Santa Clause or something and didn't know the Buffalo Bills shout song.

I am cracking up.

Drew Bledsoe, man. I love that he was laughing at himself, too because it was so funny. Bledsoe was this past Sunday's Buffalo Bills Legend of the Game when the Bills hosted the Miami Dolphins.

Before each home game, the Bills pick a Buffalo Bills alumni to come to the game and address the crowd and do the infamous crowd-interactive chant 'Where Would You Rather Be, Then Right Here Right Now'?

Bledsoe addresses the crowd in the most embarrassing way. He knew it. Drew started laughing mid-shout song. When he was starting the shout song, he completely screws it up. Not sure what he was thinking, but the crowd at Highmark Stadium really tried to help him.

Now, during the broadcast, CBS had some B-roll footage of Drew Bledsoe, Hall of Famer Jim Kelly and Dan Marino and few others went out to dinner the night before the game. The small group of people seemed to be in the back room of Mulberry in Western New York. Bledsoe's voice seems hoarse so, maybe he had too much wine the night before LOL

The Buffalo Bills edited the video so that it didn't sound as bad and you can see that video above here.

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