As the COVID 19 pandemic continues and the curve begins to flatten, there are more testing sites that are becoming available to the community.

If you live south of Buffalo and in Erie County, there is a new place that you can use as a drive-thru test site for Coronavirus.

A drive-thru site will open in the parking lot of the Hamburg Walmart. Testing will be available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday 7am-9am.


An appointment is needed for a test, and you can schedule one online by visiting

In the fall of last year and at the beginning of this year, our family seemed to have similar symptoms of COVID 19 go through our house. I made the decision to get an antibody test which came back negative. I looked at that as both good and bad news. If the test is accurate, we have not had the virus in our house or office yet or we have been doing well at keeping it at bay. The bad news would be, according to some studies, we are still at risk.

Things are starting to reopen and if you have been on the raods in the afternoon, you are seeing many people take advantage of stores and services that are part of phase 1. It has been very busy around town and you can tell that people are getting anxious to get back to whaterve new normal we are waiting for in Western New York.

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