Dumpster diving is a great way to find a hidden gem and give it a new lease on life. You can find materials or items and repurpose them in a way to make them your own. 

Some people take the risk of dumpster diving for food trash, which can be a risk. Back in my college days, I will admit, I dumpster dived in the Dunkin Donuts trash bin once or twice, and it may sound gross, but you could find a lot of the donuts in tact, protected by a clear plastic bag. 

But food dumpster diving is always a risk, and it’s probably not the way to kick off your dumpster diving career. 

If you are thinking about dumpster diving, there are some places that Western New Yorkers love to go, and many of them are retail locations.

Take a look at the top 10 places that Western New Yorkers love to go for dumpster diving. 

  1. "Office Depot"

  2. "GNC"

  3. "Dive into the large trash pickup that happens twice a year. You can see the schedule here."

  4. "The unspoken rule is when someone puts trash out on the curb, it's free game. You can find mattresses, electronics, furniture and appliances on garbage night; within an hour, they'd be taken up by pickers."

  5. "In Cheektowaga, pickers regularly ride around on garbage nights looking for finds. Most of the neighbors never seem to mind."

  6. "Dollar General"

  7. "Kirklands out in Cheektowaga on Union for home decor stuff. They don't destroy it when they throw it away; at least they didn't a few years ago."

  8. "At a Goodwill, they do three markdowns and if it doesn't sell it goes in the trash so they don't mind if you dig in the dumpsters. I've gotten some lightly used things they overpriced that way."

  9. "Really look for anything of use, or scrap metal for taking to the yard.."

  10. "My brother and I used to dig through GameStop's dumpsters to try and find store displays for games. This just reminded me of that."

There was a couple from Buffalo that was featured on VICE a few years ago for their dumpster diving habits. You can get more tips from them below. 

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