Now the fall is here, it is time to put away the shorts T-shirts and flip-flops and grab those comfy sweatpants and hoodies. You will need them after you finish this really unique challenge that a restaurant and East Aurora has going that will pay you free food if you can complete it.

According to a post on social media pages, The Globe restaurant in East Aurora will give you 45 minutes to finish a spread of food that is all about Buffalo. 10 chicken wings a Sahlen's hot dog, plus french fries, coleslaw, macaroni salad, a fish fry, and a beef on weck, are all part of what’s on the menu. Complete it in the amount of time they give you and you eat for free!

You will need to make a reservation and hold your spot for this fun event that runs this weekend.

It’s the second annual Buffalonian Challenge at The Globe restaurant in East Aurora. I grew up in East Aurora and The Globe was always one of our go to spots for fish fries. My father absolutely loved that place! As a matter of fact, my very first homecoming dance we went to dinner at The Globe before we left for the school where the dance was being held. I remember how nervous I was when I picked up my date, Deanna, prior to dinner. It was when I was 14 or 15, which was 30 years ago, and I still remember the nerves of that night. I also remember how fun it was and even the fact that we sat at a round table with a few other couples at the globe.

Best of luck to all who are competing in this challenge this weekend. It sounds like a lot of food but at the same time it sounds like the perfect amount of food for those of us who really enjoy eating hometown favorites. I think the hardest part would be eating all of the french fries. Those always seem to be the part that filled me up the fastest.

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