Ellicottville Brewing Company has teamed up wth a brewery in Mexico City to bring you their latest creation - Horchata con Fleis Cream Ale.

We've seen Ellicottville Brewing Company get creative with their brewing choices over the last couple years, but this one goes beyond borders.  It's called "Horchata con Fleis Cream Ale" and it's inspired by a traditional Mexican drink.

Their partner on this creation is called Falling Piano Brewery and they're based in Mexico City.  Having only been around for about two years, they could still be considered relatively new.

The ale itself Is made with vanilla, cinnamon, lactose, and corn flakes.

According to WIVB, this isn't their first joint venture.  EBC also teamed up with Falling Piano Brewery for something they called Chilanga which will be their house brew when they open up their new Tap + Bottle and Taqueria later this month.

“It was an amazing experience getting the opportunity to work with exceptional brewers in another country and culture. We were able to share ideas, procedures, great brews, and a mezcal too. After brewing the Chilanga in late September, our friends at host Falling Piano invited us back to enjoy the fruits of our labor and sample the creation at the country’s largest beer extravaganza, Cerveza Mexico. Truly an amazing opportunity that we hope to be able to attend again” - Dan Minner, head brewer of Ellicottville Brewing Company

I'm kind of picturing Cinnamon Toast Crunch in beer form.  The ale is described as delivering "sweet, smooth flavors of blended cinnamon and vanilla. Light in color & body, Horchata con Fleis finishes with a toasted cereal essence."

Want to try it?  It's available now.


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