This guy needs to be stopped.

Look what Eli Apple called Stefon Diggs.

Obviously, the Buffalo Bills lost the AFC Divional game against the Cincinnati Bengals. Bengals cornerback Eli Apple took to twitter to poke jabs at the Buffalo Bills and the fans. Whether or not he was just kidding or not, does not matter because the Bills' fans (and even some of the Buffalo Bills themselves) weren't having it.

Apple posted a very controversial tweet that wrote 'Cancun on 3' with 2 hands making a heart, something that Damar Hamlin, was known to do.

In addition, then he uses a video, that appears to be Stefon Diggs yelling at Josh Allen, in order to call Diggs 'Terrell Owens jr". TO, a former Buffalo Bills player was known to have some heated arguments as well.

NEXT: Even Eli Apple's mom got involved on Twitter after her son got a lot of heat for all of his tweets. (Rhyme not intended).

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