"Put that Eli Apple hate to great use and help families needing housing and care", wrote Eli Apple's mom, Annie Apple.

The relationship between the City of Cincinnati and Buffalo seemed to be awesome. Both cities were coming together in wake of the Damar Hamlin's injury when the Bengals were hosting the Bills in the regular season.

The two teams met again in the playoffs and the Bengals were victorious. Bengals' cornerback, Eli Apple had been tweeting about the Buffalo Bills and trolling them. For example, he called Stefon Diggs 'Terrell Owens Jr.', and wrote on Twitter that Allen and Diggs needed couples therapy and a few other shots.

But, it was this one tweet that really sent everyone in Buffalo over the edge.

Now, Eli Apple's mom has taken to Twitter and is chiming in. She wants all the 'haters' to use a hashtag on social media and there will be a donation made to the Salvation Army:

Calling all Eli Apple haters: Please use the hashtag #LoveToHateEliApple and we’ll donate $5,000 to the Salvation Army in Cincinnati", she wrote on Twitter. 

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Disclaimer: If you’re a Buffalo Bills fan and feeling slightly annoyed today, you’re about to fly off the handle.

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