Did we just become best friends?


This picture is great.

It's just a fun time to be a Buffalo Bills fan right now. Maybe more fun than the early 90s? What do you say?

I mean, right now we have Josh Allen, who, I think we can all agree just FITS into Western New York. He has just jelled right into this culture and this community.

He gets it.

Josh Allen ends every interview with 'Go Bills'. He shouts out Labatt Blue on the National media and he has no problem talking chicken wings. The guy can never leave Buffalo or Western New York. We just can't let him.

It's easier to stay in town when you find out that your best friend is going to be staying here for a while longer. Josh Allen's number 1 wide receiver, Stefon Diggs just signed a nice (massive) contract with the Buffalo Bills. Both the Buffalo Bills and Diggs are on the same page: they all want Diggs to retire as a Buffalo Bill. 

This week the Buffalo Bills announced that they have reached a deal with Diggs for a 4-year deal that will have Diggs staying in Buffalo through 2027, just in time for that brand new Buffalo Bills Stadium. The deal is worth reportedly $96 million.

They actually are GREAT friends. It isn't something just hyped up by the media. Take a look at this picture that the Buffalo Bills posted yesterday of Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs in 50 years, with gray hair and all and then some of the other pictures that fans have made.

Ya love to see it....you really do.


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