It’s the time of year that we have all been waiting for: the Best 12 Days of the Summer. A lot of us go for the animals, others for the rides, but whatever you seek at the Erie County Fair, most visits end with one thing in particular. 

The food.

Maybe you like nachos or fried cheese on a stick. Let’s not forget about fried oreos (a classic) or cheesecake on a stick? (You can put pretty much anything on a stick and it will still receive the title of “fair food.”)

While a lot of our favorite fair food remains available at the Erie County Fair, some local classics can no longer be found on the fairgrounds. Not to mention, there is a laundry list of items that people wish to be added every year, yet they are seemingly ignored. 

The #1 food item that fairgoers want added to the fairgrounds is, by far, anything gluten free. 

Photo Credit: Facebook Public Thread
Photo Credit: Facebook Public Thread

About 1% of the population has celiacs disease, which may not sound like a lot, but that is one in every 100 people you meet. And if you have ever been to the fair, you know that it attracts hundreds of thousands of people every year. 

According to the Erie County Fair official website, the attendance for the Fair has “a 5 year average of over 1.1 million guests.”

That’s about 11,000 people attending the fair that are unable to eat gluten….

The list of desired foods does not stop there, though. 

Western New York has spoken, and there are more foods that made the list of options for the Erie County Fair to consider next year.

24 Foods That Are Missing From Erie County Fair

We were all thinking it…but it’s about time somebody said it. These are the foods that Western New York wishes they could get at the Erie County Fair.

In 2022, you would think that there would be more food options for people with dietary restrictions. Hopefully, come next year, the Erie County Fair will be a more all-inclusive environment for fairgoers. 

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