Yesterday Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz revealed his plan to spend millions of dollars in Federal Aid that is coming Western New York's way.

The "RENEW Plan" will use the expected $89.2 million dollars in Federal aid for several different projects, including creating more jobs within the county.

The "RENEW Plan" stands for "Reinvest in Erie's Neighborhoods and Employ our Workforce"  and would use the federal aid money along with another $35 million dollars in aid from New York State to help improve public works in the county.

According to WGRZ, the plan calls for around $14.3 million dollars to be spent to improve county parks while another $33.1 million dollars to be spent on water and sewer projects.

Another $6 million dollars would be used to pay employees bonuses who worked during the COVID-19 pandemic as well as bring back some employees who were furlong during the shutdown and also be used to created new jobs within the county too.

County Executive Poloncarz's plan calls for the creation of 142 new jobs within the county.

$2.08 million dollars would be used to provide two more rounds of the Paycheck Protection program for businesses in the county.

Another $5 million dollars would be earmarked to fund a pay-as-you-go highway project as well as be used to rebuild the District Attorney's office and roofs on the SUNY Empire campus.

Also some of the money would be used to restore budgets at several county offices that were cut due to COVID-19 last year.

The proposal will now have to be approved by the county lawmakers before it can be initiated.

You can watch the presentation of the proposal here:


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