There is always something going on in Western New York, and while everyone is looking forward to the Buffalo-Cincinnati game this weekend, there are even more events to scope out!

People are planning to be out and about this weekend, with temperatures expected to be chilly and some snowfall predicted by the end of the weekend. The Niagara Icewine Festival is returning for another weekend in Niagara Falls, and we can't wait! But there are some other winter activities to do around Western New York this weekend, too. 

If you have no idea where to go this weekend, we’re here to help!

Every Friday, Kadie's Kalendar takes a closer look at the best events going on around Western New York for that weekend, and this week’s edition includes some of the best winter events that you may have forgotten about over the last year.

Take a look at all of the events happening this weekend, and let us know which one is your favorite from Kadie's Kalendar?

Kadie's Kalendar - 01/20 - 01/22

There are so many events happening this weekend! Which one will you be going to?

There is so much to choose from on the list, but if I had to choose one event, it would be the Canada’s Got Talent Semi-Finals. It would be cool to see how the “behind the scenes” of a talent show like that works. Plus, you’d get to see Howie Mandal, Lilly Singl, Lindsay Ell, and more! 

It's going to be a fun and exciting weekend in Western New York, but is it really that surprising? There is always something to do in Buffalo, and the F.O.M.O. is real, so choose wisely. :)

Kadie's Kalendar is posted every Friday on our website, displaying the top 10 events in Western New York for the upcoming weekend. Make sure you check back every Friday morning for the best weekend events in the 716.

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