This is pretty cool.

It is called the 'BUY NOTHING' Facebook group.


The idea is that you give people the things that you do not need for absolutely free. You can come to this page knowing that you are not going to have to negotiate a price or even spend any money at all. The idea is to gift-give to people who need or want something to actually have a purpose rather than just throw it out.

I joined the Lancaster group the other day and there are items that range from an old stove somebody wanted to give you, to an old Roomba, to pizza crusts that one mom bought for her kids and they didn't even like them and she couldn't return them so instead of throwing them out, you could go get them.

You have to live in that community. They are your actual neighbors in this group, so you can be assured that they live around you rather than having you drive from Springville to Niagara Falls for something for free.

You have to answer a few quick questions in order to be sure that you are living in the town you say you are. Also, you can only be involved with one 'BUY NOTHING' group.

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You know when you get something handed down from grandma or mom, it USUALLY because they just feel guilty for throwing it out themselves? I am sure you don't want their plates from the 50s or their décor that came from generations ago.

I call it the 'Granny Effect' and BUY NOTHING really helps limit band hand-me-downs.

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