When I was growing up I remember how cool it was if I saw a famous Buffalo Bills or Sabres player in public. There's an unwritten rule that you don't bother them in public, especially if they're eating or shopping, but when you're a little kid it's a bit more forgiving.

Living in Hamburg for five years and now living on the border of Lackawanna, I have seen a few Bills players out and about over the last 8-10 years. I once saw Stevie Johnson checking out at the Walmart on Southwestern Blvd. in Hamburg back in late 2013.

Apparently, a current Bills starter was spotted eating at one of Buffalo's most famous Italian restaurants on Tuesday.

Jim Miller, the host of the "Overreaction Podcast" here in Buffalo, was doing a show with Pat Moran and Nate Geary on Tuesday evening at Mulberry Italian Ristorante in Lackawanna, and they spotted Bills tight end, Dawson Knox!

Knox is a pretty easy guy to spot in public. Well over six feet tall and that signature curly hair, most Bills fans would spot him, especially in a great restaurant such as Mulberry.

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I've eaten at Mulberry's a few times but sadly, I've never seen a Bills player. I do know that beloved former Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick adores Mulberry's and always stops back to eat there whenever he's in town.

By the way, Fitzpatrick will be back in town the weekend of September 26th, when the Washington Football Team plays at Highmark Stadium against the Bills. Maybe you'll see Fitz the night before at Mulberry.

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