Imagine getting this from one of the most popular golfers in the world because he was so mad. It turned into one of the coolest souvenirs of all time for one young fan in Rochester, New York during last weekend's PGA Championship Tournament.

PGA superstar Justin Thomas seemed pretty frustrated at times during the tournament. He destroyed his 60-degree wedge in the bunkers (which caused a lot of players trouble this weekend) and then decided to give it to one golf fan that was standing on the other side of the ropes.

How cool is that?

What a souvenir.

The souvenirs that you can't just buy are the most special. But, it is even more special because of the story: coming right from JT himself. Thomas had a bad tournament and found himself not even in the top 50 with a +12.

Take a look at the picture below.

The PGA Championship will be one to remember. Brooks Koepka was the winner although Michael Block stole the show with his story and hole-in-one. Block works at a public golf course and made his way to the PGA Championship at 46 years old and became a fan favorite.

The PGA really seemed to love the area, the fans, and the course. They gave a shoutout to Rochester and the fans on social media on Monday night.

Dear Rochester,

Thank you for sharing your stars and creating new ones and making this championship one to remember.

Hopefully, a major tournament will make its way back to the area in the future. Previously, the PGA Championship was held at the same course back in 2013.

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