It was a busy weekend for firefighters in the Southtowns over the weekend. A large fire tore through a large barn on Buffalo Rd in Springville.

The video from Twitter shows plenty of flames and smoke as firefighters battle the wind.

Firefighters and emergency crews responded to accidents over the weekend as well. It was a head on crash that was reported in the Hamburg-Boston area on Sunday morning. I live in the Town of Hamburg and you could here dozens of vehicles responding as Mercy Flight was put on standby.

It has been a rather mild winter this season. In years past, we would wait for a January thaw to bring us a respite from the severe cold. However, this year, the temperatures have been rather constant around freezing to just above. Homes that rely on wood stoves or space heaters for added heat may not be using them on a regular basis. This may be just another reminder to have that chimney checked or keep batteries up to date in your smoke alarms.

Many local fire companies are seeking volunteers! Check with your town or village to see what opportunities might be available.

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