This is really cool! Scientists are asking anyone who finds one of these on the ground to hold onto them after that big fireball crashed into the earth. The fireball hit just west of Western New York and there are going to be pieces that look like a melted rock that you may see miles and miles away.

It fell to earth on Saturday. How do you know if you found part of the fireball that is now broken up? What will it look like?

  • It will be denser than a regular rock.
  • The pieces may possible look 'melted'
  • They are dark and may have a 'crust-like' coating on them.
  • If you find a piece you should put it in a plastic bag so that it can keep its scientific value.

The interesting part about this fireball though, is that it was predicted. Scientists knew that the meteor was coming. In fact, they had a few hours to plan and get the exact timing down.

Scientists would love to get your input if you, in fact, saw or have picked up a piece of the fallen fireball, according to Western News:

Researchers at Western and the Royal Ontario Museum are interested to hear from anyone in the area of the potential fall who may have heard anything unusual, or who may have found possible meteorites. If you believe you have found a suspicious rock from this event, please contact the Royal Ontario Museum at

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