There are new reports that New York State is monitoring and using to help protect and assist firefighters and their families here in the Empire State. The concerns about cancer are growing and there may be help on the way.

In an effort to raise awareness about the added dangers that firefighters face, New York is stepping in to help. The state's Office of Fire Prevention and Control is beginning an initiative to raise awareness among members of the fire service about how they can develop protocols for cancer prevention. Data shows firefighters are at a higher risk of getting cancer due to the toxins they are exposed to at the scene of emergencies. If their gear is not decontaminated properly, they might expose family members to harmful chemicals.

Firefighting is a special way to serve and protect your community and there is always a need for volunteers and dedicated individuals to become paid firefighters across New York State. Here in Erie County, there are many great departments and companies that would love to speak with you are someone you know who is interested in becoming part of their team.

Beyond the service that you will help provide, there are some added benefits to becoming a volunteer firefighter here in New York State. Did you know that:

Young volunteers can earn scholarships and tuition reimbursement for college.

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