Unfortunately, snow is probably on the way much sooner than you think. 

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It’s hard to believe it after the amazing weather we’ve had here in Buffalo these past few weeks. October is here, but the sunny skies and steamy temperatures make it feel closer to summertime.

Unfortunately, we all know what’s coming around the bend - and if it’s anything like last year, we’re definitely not looking forward to it. In the past 12 months alone, Buffalo has seen nearly 150 inches of snow, so we’re in no rush to see winter return. 

Soon enough, snow, sleet, ice, and freezing cold is inevitable here in Western New York. And even more bad news? The winter weather we dread could be coming quicker than you realize.

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This Is The Date We Usually See The First Snow In Buffalo

If you live in Buffalo, you know that our area can come to expect snowfall anytime, anywhere. We’ve seen snow cover the ground as early as October and as late as May. But when you look at the dates of Buffalo’s first snowfall over several years, one date in particular pops up as the day the Queen City will most likely see flakes.


According to data from The Weather Channel, Buffalo usually sees its first bit of measurable snow on November 5th. Yikes - that’s just over one month away! Of course, it’s not unlikely that we may see snow later than that this year, so there’s no need to panic. But while you’re basking in the summer-like weather coming next week, be sure to keep in mind that it’s not going to last forever. 

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