There are two kinds of people in Western New York: those who love snow, and those who hate it. However, we may all be guilty of doing this one thing. 

When the first snowfall of the season hits, it is an unspoken rule to document the weather event with either video or photographic evidence, and then make a basic post on social media about how there’s snow in Western New York.

(Don’t worry, we do it too.)

It may be out of awe or maybe just pure shock, but it’s definitely a Buffalo thing to run to social media to post your own coverage of the snow in your town. 

And there have been a ton of pictures posted online, showing different parts of Western New York and how much snowfall they have received. 

Take a look at the 29 pictures below that show off the first snow glisten of the season! 

29 Photos Of Western New York's First Snowfall 2023

Depending on where you live, you may have had more snow (or less!) than others in Western New York. See the snow pictures submitted by residents all over WNY on Facebook.

Gallery Credit: Kadie Daye via Public Facebook Thread

Flakes can fly in October, as you can see above,  but typically November is when a notable amount of snow arrives for those in New York State.

According to recent reports, meteorologists are keeping a close eye on what is in store for us next Tuesday, November 7th.  It could mean lots of cold rain or even a big snowstorm.

GFS and Euro projection maps are both predicting a huge weather system will arrive on Tuesday, November 7th. However, the GFS shows mostly heavy rain, while the Euro projects that “significant snow” is on the way for those in Western and Central New York.

Thankfully, we live in the City of Good Neighbors and constantly help each other out, especially when we experience snowy weather. 

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